Mick is an independent jewelry designer and fabricator who resides in the vibrant artistic community of Austin, Texas. She keeps her home with five pets - four cats and her husband Adam.

Mick started her professional career as a licensed commercial interior designer. Her time spent at the University of Kentucky earning her degree also gave her opportunities to study furniture design, lighting, and textiles amongst other disciplines.

Mick began her creative jewelry design as a part time employee with the locally owned bead and jewelry store called Nomadic Notions. Over the years that followed she became a vital part of the staff both as a sales associate and teacher, and ultimately she left her interior design firm to take on the general manager position at the store.

Now she is in her element around the clock. She has been able to immerse herself into the field and dedicate herself to constantly stretching the boundaries of her art. Mick has become an exceptional multi-disciplinary jewelry designer, talented glass bead maker, and renowned teacher of both. Thus have come the dynamic pieces of wearable art that you will see throughout this site.

Mick is not a production designer. Every piece she makes is a one-of-a-kind work of art.