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This necklace is another in the distinctively bold, organic and non-traditional approaches of Mick's work. Copper wire and hard wood beads form the main section of this piece. The hand worked wire has also been selectively hammered to accentuate the sweeping curves. The entire piece seems to go swirling down taking your attention the focal bead.

Mick's skillful wire-work is demonstrated here along with her penchant for strong presentation and dynamic color choices. The sterling silver wire used in the multiple spirals, links, and details has been hand crafted to create the striking and whimsical canvas. The combination of the African hard wood and dark amber beads emerge from the piece with fanfare along with the embellishment of the small carved bone pieces.

This splendid combination of silver details and various purple tones of glass drops, crystal, and cultured pearls all serve a magnificent purpose. The focal bead is a Mick McNulty original. This glowing orb is a dynamically crafted hollow lamp worked bead. Mick has combined her masterful control of the medium to both maintain the technical requirements of a complex bead and yet allow the natural beauty of the molten glass to move and flow into this marvelously textured piece.

This necklace is another dynamic balance between beauty and bold. Mick created the piece from the signature beads up. The striking combinations of blues and greens where forged in the flame of her lamp working studio. Displaying multiple techniques, this piece is a study in the contrast and movement possibilities of a deliberate molten glass palette.

In 2004 Mick began adding a new type of texture to her pieces in the form of fiber materials. Her late college years were her first forays into textiles, and it is only fitting that these sensibilities have made their way back into her wearable art work. This necklace again combines Mick's command of several disciplines. Each linked piece is a custom made silver wire creation. Tiny cultured pearls peek out from the bursting colors of the fibered links, and are also high lighted inside each spiraling cage. The vibrant movement of entire necklace then brings the admirer to the focal bead. This delicate 'bi-cone' combination of ivory, blues, and black is another Mick McNulty original lamp worked piece.